NIQUEA.D Bicycle with Flowers card with aqua colored envelope

Imagine a world of simple pleasures. A world with a natural pace and rhythm with the gift of time.

To marvel at the starry sky, to daydream on the sandy shore and to breathe pure mountain air, this is the world if NIQUEA.D®.

Announcing a new collection of exquisite greeting cards, launching late 2020.


As I created the NIQUEA.D Brand, I wanted to capture the romance and elegance of Hollywood glamour and style and to pair it with a modern aesthetic. As such, the brand offers a wide variety of looks, tailored to meet the needs of a broad base of consumers. It is not a one-dimensional brand, but rather is multifaceted and diverse with styles ranging from fine art, to quirky, with everything in between. My aspiration is to capture the hearts and minds of consumers who value personal connection and who seek out ways to punctuate all kinds of circumstances, events and occasions with meaningful, heartfelt emotion and communication.